by Six Brew Bantha

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warren barton
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warren barton Superb grind, nice and loose with fantastic blast beat riffs. It's just a very good grindcore record which has impressed me very much. Favorite track: Blight.
Nunya Bidness
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Nunya Bidness Do you have issues with "the system?" Do you not do well with "authority?" Well then, this is the "grindcore" for you. Plus, it's really fucking good. Favorite track: Wholesale Genocide.
Vladimir Poutine
Vladimir Poutine thumbnail
Vladimir Poutine Excellent grind. Just loose enough to feel authentic, yet disciplined enough to execute stop-on-a-dime shifts flawlessly. Riffs are far from in short supply and the lyrics are commendable. Nicely done. Favorite track: Wholesale Genocide.
Weirded Beardo
Weirded Beardo thumbnail
Weirded Beardo 17 odd minutes of politically and socially conscious grindcore, chock full of sharp angular riffage. It delivers exactly what one would want from a grind record. Brace yourself for this short, concentrated sonic mayhem! Favorite track: They Talk, We Die.
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As the cycle of death repeats, civilizations are built upon cruelty. A few greed blinded rulers oversee a horde of slaves, their castles built on mounds of human and animal corpses. The Earth's population, an entity to be controlled at any cost. Blinded and paralyzed by hatred and fear, we devour ourselves alive for them. Societal divisions enforced from the top, those at the bottom doomed to rot. Born in a cell with no key, suffer in isolation as though poverty were a contagious disease. Human beings tagged as a virus, A blight to eradicate, An easy target. There is always someone lower you can turn your back on.
A history of violence dates back through modern times. On the surface it seems absurd to condone wholesale genocide on the basis of skin colour, but this archaic practice dates back to early pseudoscience and is so deeply ingrained as to remain unquestioned. The ancestors of colonial genocide are born into this world with less chance for survival, oppression upheld by white descendants whose upbringing teaches brutal dominance. Equality means the end of white control so people of colour are forced to live in unimagined poverty, swept under the rug to lie still in defeat or be silenced.
Whether murdered and imprisoned in their rightful homes or taken in captivity, to not bear white skin in the western world is an inescapable death sentence. Cries of protest scrambled and used against you, cries for help mercilessly stomped out. Portrayed by the state as a plague to eradicate, doomed to a future of relentless persecution. Murdered every day. False portrayal as inherently inferior has been swallowed whole even by others facing violence from the same apparatus under classist rule. Their plague consumes itself.
Oppression of the poor correlates directly to the so-called "war on drugs". Drug laws are deliberately enforced against the marginalized to offer the all seeing eye an excuse to chain down and execute innocent people en masse. Seeking an escape from the brutal conditions they're born into, people are led to addiction and literally left to die on the street, be it at the hands of police or the substances themselves. Studies have offered countless effective treatments to this widespread ailment but for all the talk governments claim to be doing about how to combat this problem they simply watch as bodies of those they no longer need to house pile higher and higher.
Religion advocates for peace? Bullshit. Raised to fear an eternity of pain, submit. Terror and confusion exploited. Repression of natural instincts. Normalization of judgement, socially acceptable abuse. Hordes of people convinced to die on a hill over others' sexuality or how we identify our gender, taught from birth to attack in the name of a man-made concept. What kind of God would condone your treatment of anyone perceived as "different"?
Shield your eyes, block out your mind. Abusive patterns you perpetuate are just too much to bear. Status quo reconciliation can emerge only from acknowledgement. To harm the true enemy their constructs must be banished. The true blight inflicting our society is not those below us, but rather those at the top. We are manipulated like puppets by constant social conditioning to remain at war amongst ourselves while the pigs bask in riches and glory. Conditioning so effective that most will choose to look away. And who can blame them? To come to terms with our own complicity and acknowledge our role in the oppression of billions is infinitely more terrifying than to pass the blame elsewhere. Will you fight to cleanse the root of our suffering or be fooled into blaming its worst victims? The decision is yours.


Recorded by Cody Baresich at Circle A Studios in Victoria, BC.
Mastered by Greg Wilkison at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA.
Released on To Live A Lie Records 2018
All songs by SBB


released February 9, 2018


all rights reserved



Six Brew Bantha Victoria, British Columbia

Three piece grindcore band from Victoria, BC. Get in touch for record trades/DIY booking help in BC/bullshitting about fast music:

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