S​/​T LP

by Six Brew Bantha

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released April 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Six Brew Bantha Victoria, British Columbia

Three piece grindcore band from Victoria, BC. Get in touch for record trades/DIY booking help in BC/bullshitting about fast music: sixbrewbantha@gmail.com

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Track Name: Perpetual Debt
Perpetual Debt
Face to faceless with the shell of a man
Religion wont lead to god and success is a myth
Reveling in clenched fistful of my own anger
How you had faith in abandoning us
You draw a chalk outline around our spirits
Around our spirits remain
You promote perpetual debt
Never has someone trust looked so fucking hideous
The most cynical smile I’ve ever seen
Here we stay, here we’ll be
This entity must stop functioning
Always end up cheated always end defeated
This objective must cease to exist
Gain the strength to overcome disassemble come undone
Perpetual debt
Track Name: Violence Fuels Hatred
In increasing numbers
Sheep in search of a shepherd
Are clamoring upon destructive ideals
Without understanding
What their mouths are spewing
They find themselves engaged
In perpetual gang warfare
An idea that should have blown its brains out lives on through their actions
How have we not evolved beyond this?
Minds imprisoned
If you're so called pure ideal world is filled with people like you I'm glad I'll never see the day you fucks finally have your way
Track Name: North Fucking Korea
Wasted Life
Rotting to the core
A culture that feels no more
Spite and strife breed sickness
Signed off human conscience
Waiting for all thought to die
The audience sits and watches not giving a fuck
Politicians craving for power won't stop assimilating themselves into gods even as thousands die,
enslaved by warfare and death. Tortured, you are running from the chaos but silenced by those at
the top. At some point you will kneel down or attempt suicide.
Waiting for the eventual promised turnaround, not knowing you're already fucked. An unstoppable
statewide media tangent keeps the people in the dark. If the lights turned on they would not
vacillate to immediately arm themselves and take down their desolate dungeon of death.
We cannot remain indifferent with this damned existence waiting for us right around the corner.
Unless we step up and stop this spreading totalitarianism we really might as well be fucking dead.
Track Name: Faceless Power
Suffering at the hands of your protector will your inner sanctum remain unbroken? Order and justice are fucking fabricated. Everyone trusts some faceless power to keep them safe from evil without ever stopping to question what evil truly is, corrupt enforcers of so-called truth in turn corrupt us, inhuman beings laughing down at us. Pray to us at our altar we can make you immortal. Order controls till it kills you for looking back. Everything's breaking and dying because of your control.
Track Name: Blank Expression
Blank expression, recoiling back from the world's liars.
Confide in compromise that your lies will fade away knowing that we're gonna die.
Confidence warped by cancerous society.
Whining for your cut, puking out filler, may you fall from your tower and wake up crushed.
Track Name: Will of the Sane
The death of the sane is the only cure for a mind full of pain in a world full of people who all think the same. A genetic reason for nothing at all, slowing right down from a trudge to a crawl. Thanks for the schizophrenic disorder.
Track Name: From Vice to Crutch
Addiction deaths self decision
Seemed harmless in retrospect
Dependency or self-medication?
I no longer self respect.
Substance I can rely on for how long?
Full recognition of what one has become
Hereditary disease, like father like son
When vice turns to crutch (our downfall)
You’ve been cheated by choice,
The drug ends social struggle but the drug is now your voice
Heritage through blood, blinded by a curse, doping I exist
Our downfall.
Track Name: Media's Portrayal
Fabricated lies
Promising deception
People are in order
Yet unorganized
Every second is wasted time
Every word is brainwashed lies
Minds closed, hidden from guilt, what's to become of this world?
What you've been shown, what you've been told, reality has been canceled
If you put your trust in media's hands
Track Name: Destructive Energies
The general population's misguided confusion
Is the oppressor's primary tool
For imposing greater restrictions
And ultimately forcing us towards a police state
Increased police presence due to sports riots swallowed whole by a general public unwilling to
recognize these destructive energies as a symptom of greater issues attributed to us as people
rather than the conditions by which we exist
Track Name: Led To Slaughter
Your narrow chain of command
Suspending corrupted details
Vapid heaven upheld on earth
For superficial minds
Completely distraught into upholding the endless tide of reason
Perched at the gates to your own private part of a fictional heaven
Condemning beats without souls compromise this massive brainwashed herd being led to
Track Name: Brought Up Bitter
I’m only here for you
Just like your only here for you
You say the world isn't fair
Accepting that notion is what puts it there
A delayed response when I tell you I’m fed up with it
Sarcasm not as subtle as cynicism yet you still don’t understand it
Smiling lines an aged face kept straight, frustration vented through alcoholism, increased heart
One way, education, career and wife two kids 26 years spent right, stop look back and where is
my life.