Split 7'' w/ Suffering Mind

by Six Brew Bantha

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released November 14, 2013

Recorded in Kevin's basement by Cody Baresich May 2013
Cover art by Matt Sidney
Released by Halo of Flies Records, available for purchase here:
Suffering Mind side avaialble for streaming here:



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Six Brew Bantha Victoria, British Columbia

Three piece grindcore band from Victoria, BC. Get in touch for record trades/DIY booking help in BC/bullshitting about fast music: sixbrewbantha@gmail.com

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Track Name: Game Show
The "free world" is being fucking conned by a high budget production claiming to decide the fate of our future selves. Nothing ever really changes except the face of the leader and the bile. Repeat the facade over and over again, pass the blame back and fourth. Eaten up across the nation by all those exposed. False promises never fulfilled, same patterns repeat year after year. Democracy is nothing but a TV show.
Track Name: Corroding From the Inside
Preach the destruction of capitalism while ruining other peoples' lives for your own bullshit profit. You reduce dissent to addiction for your own financial gain, your politics are the same as those you claim to oppose. Keep selling out the lives of people you apparently consider friends until your pile of money has grown large enough that you can feel good about yourself. Attack your own world. No cause is worth the damage you inflict on those around you, keep substance abuse in fashion and reap the benefits from atop the pyramid. Perpetuate another stereotype against conterculture as a useless decrepit entity stumbling over itself and corroding from the inside, build barriers and enforce divisions, you claim to hate the police yet you're an undercover saboteur to everyone you associate with.
Track Name: Confined
Get by believing that nothing is wrong, confined to an airtight cocoon. Unknowingly living life chained down by a merciless fearmongering bastard system. Cannot bear the collective weight of the world's injustice. Suffering in silence, waking up to a world of corruption. Your reality is escaping you, systematic deconstruction, all the problems you can't face up to. Get by believing that nothing is wrong.
Track Name: Excesscrement
In search of a meaning for your mundane life. Worship posessions. Without a grasp on any kind of real human emotion, comfort your hollow excuse for a life with "nice things". Your quest for fulfillment from material leads absolutely nowhere yet you can't fathom looking anywhere else for answers. Dreams forsaken for the lead in a deceitful race, spectrum of emotions geared soley towards increased social status. Life spent swimming through a pool of feces in pursuit of a nonexistant dollar sign. Deathbed remorse.