Split 7'' w/ Water Torture

by Six Brew Bantha

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Out on Nice Dreams Records, available here:
Recorded by Cody Baresich


released April 3, 2013



all rights reserved


Six Brew Bantha Victoria, British Columbia

Three piece grindcore band from Victoria, BC. Get in touch for record trades/DIY booking help in BC/bullshitting about fast music: sixbrewbantha@gmail.com

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Track Name: Struggle To Exist
Life bogged down in dead end jobs
Meaning slips ever afar

Constant scrambling to keep your soul afloat
Mindless grunt work compacts itself
All you want is a dead boss

Nothing presented is a real option
Caught in a struggle to exist

All those hours you'll never get back
Keep on struggling

All your existence
Devoted to nothing
Time you'll never get back
Work till you can't get up
Track Name: Manipulated Public
Population turned against itself
Seeking smaller targets
Staying at war over any difference
They've got us right where they want us
As long as we're splintered amongst ourselves
The authorities can maintain their stranglehold on us
Keeping us distracted
Differences in colour of skin, sexuality, gender are contorted into "social issues"
Encouraging bullshit prejudices in order to keep us subdued
Track Name: Bred Into Enslavement
The public education system is programmed to discourage all forms of free thought.
Without knowing it every North American youth is trained to become a mindless drone
Aspire to your nice paying desk job
Bred into enslavement
Force fed the same monotonous fodder every fucking day
Culture blandly regurgitated and made to ultimately seem unimportant
Those who can't wade through the bullshit are cast aside and prescribed pharmaceutical drugs
The cycle loops on
Track Name: Information Overload
Constantly pelted by media propaganda from all sides every waking minute
Impossible to know what to believe from what little knowledge we can retrieve
Technology expands towards trapping peoples' awareness in a limbo of useless numbers

Stop active thought, submit to the flow, stare into a screen and paralyze your being

Sucked into the endless info void
So called facts making no sense
Talking heads with nothing real to say
Only way out is to accept that it's all worthless
Track Name: Opposition
It is our obligation as subjects of a political system to stamp out oppression
All the crooked cops and lying politicians would not stand a chance against a mass uprising
Take the future into your own hands, strike them back